It always feels like I have something in my eye

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Wilfred, 66 years old:

"My vision keeps getting blurrier, and that makes reading and working on the computer difficult."

I’ve been farsighted and have worn glasses for quite some time now. About one and a half years ago I noticed that my vision in my right eye had started getting worse. I thought my glasses were to blame and went to see my doctor.

The doctor said I needed new glasses. I got new glasses, and when the problem didn’t improve I was told that my eye had to get used to them first. But as time went on I realized that things weren’t getting any better.

It felt like I had something in my eye

Ever since then I’ve had a kind of halo in my eye and can’t really see things properly on the outer edge of it. And I can also see a sort of small spot at the bottom of my eye which has gradually grown over time. It always used to feel like I had something in my eye. It didn’t really bother me at first, but then it got worse as time went on. I used to rub my eye a lot because I thought there was something in the lower part of my eye.

My vision keeps getting blurrier, and that makes reading and working on the computer difficult. Some days it’s better and some days it’s worse  – then the things I read are more cloudy.

I sometimes feel unsure of myself when out and about

When I read a lot and then walk the dog in the evening, I often don’t feel very safe when walking on sidewalks. Some things are blurred. And on unpaved surfaces I often look down to make sure I haven’t overseen any sticks or holes.

I’m also more sensitive to light in the summer. I sail a lot, and at one point I noticed that I had become very unsure of myself on the boat. That really bothered me because I never used to feel that way. At first I thought it was because I was getting older. But then I realized it might be because of my eyes. Things were blurred, so it was harder to react to fast movements. And the glare of the sun used to blind me too.

Then I went to see a different doctor. He said I had cataracts in both of my eyes. I still had 65 percent vision in my right eye, and my left eye wasn’t quite as bad. He also said that I might need surgery on my eyes in the future. I’m going to have a check-up next March and then my doctor will see how much worse my vision has become, and whether I need artificial lenses.

My eye doesn’t hurt. But I always feel like I’ve got something in my eye, which is unpleasant.

I’d like to have surgery soon

I’d like to have surgery quite soon. Not being able to read and work on the computer properly does really get to me. I know that the operation itself isn't that complicated. But something can always go wrong, I'm aware of that. Still, I wouldn’t wait too long before having surgery because things keep getting worse as time goes on.


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