Preventing rosacea flare-ups

Photo of a doctor examining a man’s face (PantherMedia / Phovoi R.)

Certain triggers make rosacea symptoms worse. Keeping a diary can help you to find possible triggers of the flare-ups. Click here to download a diary that you can print for your own use.

Certain things can make rosacea symptoms flare up. These include spicy foods, hot drinks, alcohol, cosmetics, soaps and medicines that dilate (widen) blood vessels. UV rays and extreme cold or heat can make the symptoms worse too. But different people have different triggers, so everyone has to find out for themselves what affects them. Even if you don’t have rosacea, it’s always a good idea to protect your skin from strong UV rays and prevent sunburn

Image: Image of rosacea diaryRosacea diary

If you know what things trigger your rosacea flare-ups, you can try avoiding at least some of them. A diary can help you to find out what makes your symptoms worse. For a few weeks or months, you can make a note of

  • what you had to eat or drink,
  • what your skin was exposed to (like sunlight, wind, sweat after exercise, hot water, certain cosmetic products),
  • how severe the rosacea was, and
  • which medications you took, how often you took them, and at what dose.

If, for example, you think that a facial cream you are using is making things worse, you can stop using it for a while. The diary entries can then help you to tell whether you have fewer rosacea flare-ups or less severe symptoms once you stop using it.