Physical therapy and daily living aids

Which treatment does physiotherapy include? How do physical treatments work? And how are medical aids used?

Physical therapy and daily living aids from A to Z

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Popular in Physical therapy and daily living aids

  • Bladder training

    Bladder training can help some people who have an overactive or weak bladder to regain at least some control over their bladder. Ideally, they then n...

  • Pelvic floor training

    Although you cannot really see or feel your pelvic floor, you can still learn to move the muscles of the pelvic floor voluntarily, and to strengthen ...

  • What is speech therapy?

    Speech therapy can help people who have difficulty speaking to communicate better and to break down the barriers that result from speech impediments....

  • What is occupational therapy?

    The aim of occupational therapy is to help people to live their lives more independently. The therapists may recommend various exercises or activitie...

  • Physical therapy

    Physical therapy (physiotherapy) is used to treat acute and chronic symptoms, and also to prevent future problems or for rehabilitation after long-te...

  • What kinds of massage are there?

    Massages are used for relaxation as well as to relieve certain symptoms. There are many different kinds of therapeutic massage. Therapeutic massages ...