Sensory organs

How do we see, hear, smell and taste? How do we keep our balance? What parts are the eyes and ears made up of?

Sensory organs from A to Z

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    How does the tongue work?

    The tongue is a true all-rounder. It is not only extremely flexible, allowing us to speak, swallow or suck in a coordinated way. It is also a sensory...

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    How does skin work?

    Our skin is our heaviest and largest organ, making up about one seventh of our body weight: Depending on your height and body mass, it weighs between...

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    How does our sense of balance work?

    The ear is a sensory organ that picks up sound waves, allowing us to hear. It is also very important for our sense of balance: the organ of balance (...

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    How does our sense of taste work?

    The strong link between taste and emotions has to do with our evolution: Taste helped us to “test” the food we ate, so it was important for our survi...

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    How does the ear work?

    The ear picks up sound waves and transforms them into electrical signals which travel along nerves to the brain. The signals are interpreted by the b...

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    How does the eye work?

    Vision is the result of a complex process. For our brain to be able to create an image of our surroundings, the eye needs to convert light into elect...