I knew that fibroids were benign growths

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Iris, 51 years old

"The fibroid hasn't changed much in the years since I've known about it."

I go to the gynecologist regularly to have my coil checked. He does an ultrasound scan as part of the check-up. One time, around five years ago, he discovered that I have a fibroid during the ultrasound.

It’s on the outside of the womb. Its size varies between one and two centimeters. The fibroid hasn't changed much in the years since I've known about it. My doctor says that – at that size – it just needs to be monitored. No treatment is necessary as long as nothing changes. If I have any symptoms I should get in touch. But because I don't have any symptoms at the moment, I see no reason to do anything about it.

The fibroid is measured every year during the routine check-up. My doctor doesn't talk about it much though, because nothing changes.

The didn't really make me worry. After all, I was told that – at that size and without any symptoms – there was no need to take any further action. I already knew that fibroids are benign growths, and wasn't worried about tumors or anything.

If I started to notice symptoms and problems, I’d look for information and seek medical advice about the treatment options, especially to find out if surgery was really necessary. But as long as the fibroid doesn't change, I don't think about it and can get on with my life.


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