Airway diseases

With every breath oxygen rich air flows through the windpipe and bronchi into the air sacs. With it dust, toxins and germs enter the airways. Healthy airways protect themselves with various defense mechanisms.

Popular in Airway diseases

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    Vocal nodules

    Vocal nodules typically make your voice hoarse, and it may sound raspy and breathy too. These small non-cancerous growths usually go away if you rest...

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    If young children have a cold and the area around their larynx (voice box) becomes inflamed, it's known as croup. The typical symptoms include a bark...

  • Pneumonia


    Pneumonia often leads to a sudden high fever, the feeling that you are very unwell, a cough and shortness of breath. People who are otherwise in good...

  • Acute bronchitis

    Acute bronchitis

    In acute bronchitis, the lower airways (bronchi) are temporarily inflamed. The cough is usually dry at first. Later on, it may develop into a phlegmy...

  • Asthma


    In asthma, people's airways become so narrow (temporarily or permanently) that it's difficult for them to breathe. With the right treatment, though, ...

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    Sinusitis is an inflammation of the air-filled spaces around the nose. It typically leads to a stuffy nose and pain in the face. Read about what help...