Children´s health

Children are not simply small adults. When they get sick, they often require treatments tailored to their needs. Fortunately, children recover from many illnesses without much medicine. A healthy childhood and youth provide the best basis for good health in later life – as well as a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Photo of a girl crying

    Rubella (German measles)

    Rubella usually goes unnoticed or only causes mild cold-like symptoms. Later, a pink or red spotty skin rash might develop. If a woman has rubella ea...

  • Photo of a girl being vaccinated


    Measles is caused by viruses and is very contagious – both in children and adults. The typical signs of measles are a light red rash and flu-like sym...

  • Photo of a boy being examined by a doctor


    Mumps is a viral infection that has become rare since the introduction of a routine vaccination. It is usually spread through tiny droplets of spit t...

  • Potty training

    Potty training

    Various bodily processes have to develop before children can start getting by without diapers. How can you tell if a child is ready for potty trainin...

  • Tick bites

    Tick bites

    Although ticks can carry and spread disease, tick bites usually don't cause any health problems. You're much less likely to develop tick-borne enceph...

  • Using medication

    Using medication

    Using medication sounds easy but it can be complicated, like when you need to use several medications over a longer period of time. What's the best w...